Thursday, February 25, 2010

How would I go about painting a marlite wall?

??. Thanks in advanceHow would I go about painting a marlite wall?
Someone else posted this answer-but I tried it and it does work.

You're really getting into some work but I think it can be done. First you will have to sand the entire surface to give it some ';tooth'; for paint to adhere to. You will then have to wash it all down with a cleaner called TSP that you should be able to find at any hardware or home improvement store. Rinse this off REALLY well. Use a good grade primer and paint on top of that. I would suggest a couple of coats of clear polyurethane on top of the paint on any flat surfaces that will take wear and tear (ledges, etc.) The real secret is going to be a good sanding, a good cleaning, and a good grade of primer.How would I go about painting a marlite wall?
the abovew post is correct ,but i can give you the name of a primer that is so good ,you can eliminate the sanding and tsp steps ,just prime and topcoat, the primer is called X-I-M , it is very good and costs about 50 dollars a gallon but it will save you a couple steps and give you the adhesion you need , I am a painting contractor and we use it all the time on things like fiberglass ,melamine glass ,anything where good adhesion is imparitive.

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